A Networking Collaborative of Diverse Business Owners and Professionals

Sharing Expertise, Supporting Goals and Fostering Long-term Relationships throughout the South Shore of MA


A Networking Collaborative of Diverse Business Owners and Professionals.

Sharing expertise, supporting goals and fostering long-term relationships throughout the South Shore of Massachusetts. This “Professional Services for Family & Business” Video features Ted Ciolkosz, Corey McNeil, Ken Goldberg, George Rohlfing, Cheryl Russo and Chris Jordan. Produced by ARTIE MEDIA.


Development & Infrastructure

Featuring Vcevy Strekalovsky, Jack Shea, Tom St Cyr, and Steve Wilson.Produced by ARTIE MEDIA.


Creatives & Business Advocates

Featuring Sarah DeMayo, Karl Stammen, Matt Ulvila,, Nate Harris and Darrin Fitzgerald.Produced by ARTIE MEDIA.

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Membership in South Shore Synergy is by invitation only. But, we are always looking for new members with complimentary and diverse industry experience. No one person or industry is irrelevant. We’re open to different professions so long as that particular category is not already represented by a current S3 member.

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