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Tom St.Cyr
Sum Total Telecom Plus; & camera systems
Industry / Service
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Company Description
Installing new and refurbished Telephone systems. Cloud based phone systems. Camera systems. Voice & data cabling (telephones and computers) Technology consulting (20+ years of expertise) Phone System Adds - Moves –Changes and Service
About / Bio
Sum Total Telecom Plus offers 20+ years of expertise. Solving problems as it relates to phones, cameras, cabling and cloud based phone systems. Service second to none. Available 24/7.
Which industries do you prefer to serve?
All industries & schools
What does your ideal client look like?
Right size company-between 5 to 50 phone sets
Small businesses and schools
Ideal title: Owner, CEO, president; the decision maker
What does your ideal client need?
More features. Thinking about cloud based. Replace older system. Moving and expanding. Adds, moves, changes & service for their phone & camera systems.
Who are your ideal clients?
Companies between 5 to 50 phone sets. Small businesses and schools that are moving and need help with phones, cameras & cabling.
Red flags – What are your ideal clients saying?
We want to remain profitable & reduce our telecom expenses. I am interested in learning about VOIP.
We are moving. We are expanding and moving offices
We need help with our phone & camera systems.