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Steven Wilson
Office Furniture Consulting
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Office Furniture sales
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Office Furniture Consulting was founded in 1990 .We sell both new and used office furniture. OFC offers space planning, budget strategizing, relocation services, removal and disposal of unwanted product, and reconfiguration of existing furniture. Clients we have worked with include Boston University, Boston Medical Center, Lynn Community Health Center, Boston Financial Data Services, Granite Communications , American Cancer Society ,and the So Shore ARC.
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Office Furniture Consulting 1599 Washington St. Braintree,Ma.02184 781-356-3880 CELL: 617-462-3783
What does your ideal client look like?
My ideal client is someone who is concerned about furniture issues. They vary from :I hate my chair. What will we do with the old furniture./ We need to fit in 40 new work stations. Where can I get good pre owned furniture? We are a non profit ; with a limited budget.
All these are common issues that I can help with.
What does your ideal client need?
see above
Who are your ideal clients?
My Ideal clients are those who have problems and challenge my furniture know how and experience.