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Matt Ulvila
Co-founder/Principal Designer
3thought, inc.
Industry / Service
Graphic Design / Web Design
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Company Description
3thought is a graphic design company that specializes in websites and branding. Most of our clients come to us already having a logo, website and marketing materials. Unfortunately, they often have website that looks outdated and isn't performing in search. A lot of times their logo and marketing materials don't match or look professional and they find they're losing business to their competitors. That's where we come in and unify their visual brand, update their website to something easy to use, search friendly and really just make them look more professional. If this sounds like a situation you're in, drop us a line.
Company Address
39 Jamies Path Plymouth, MA 02360
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Which industries do you prefer to serve?
There's no one industry that we prefer to serve. Our clients tend to be pretty diverse, however, we do have a lot of experience with Medical/Bio-tech, Direct Sales, Insurance, Sports Marketing, and Event Planning. When it comes down to it, we typically look for fun/challenging long-term projects and relationships.
What does your ideal client look like?
Our idea clients typically have a marketing budget and sometimes a small marketing team who need additional help. Company sizes typically range from 5-1000 employees.
What does your ideal client need?
We create a lot of websites, but because so many businesses already have websites, we specialize in website redesigns and reorganizations. Typically these are for security, aesthetics or to meet business goals and increase customers or search visibility.

Our clients often need print and identity support including logos and visual rebranding for modernization and consistency. Things that tend to fall out of that include business cards, stationery, marketing materials like brochures, flyers, posters, invites, ads (digital and print).
Who are your ideal clients?
Small to medium businesses who are organized, understand their marketing goals and already have marketing budgets and time-frames for delivery. Businesses who are tired of their current look and feel and need a visual branding refresh.
Red flags – What are your ideal clients saying?
- How can we get more business from our website?
- Why aren't we showing up higher in search?
- We don't like the way our logo looks, we feel like it's outdated.
- Our marketing materials are outdated and inconsistent and don't represent who we are.
- Our marketing materials and/or website don't reflect the business we are today.
- We just don't have the marketing staff or expertise to accomplish the marketing goals we've set.
- We're tired of working with designers and developers who aren't business focused and don't understand our business goals.
- We want to do this once and do this right.
- We value experience and competency over price.
- We can never get a hold of our web developer.
- We can't easily update our website.