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Darrin Fitzgerald
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Artie Media, LLC
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Video Production Services & Video Marketing Strategy
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ARTIE MEDIA shows Small Business, Nonprofits, and Corporations how to use video production to make money, save money, or even do both at the same time. How Much Does a Video Cost? Our Boston Video Production Services: New Service: Remote Video Production Develop your Concept. Write your Script. Create storyboards. Creative Direction and Production Design. On-camera and Voiceover talent. Digital editing, Motion Graphics & Animation. What is Video SEO? Digital Video Delivery. Customizable Video Hosting. Event, Seminar & Conference Coverage. Digital Signage Design, Retail, Arenas & Stadiums. Have questions? Visit our very own Video FAQ Series! Call or Email and Get a Quote.
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15 Lincoln Street
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Producer's Notes: Your video production projects begin with a consultation. It’s important for me to understand your structure, your goals, and the efforts you’re making to reach these goals.

I want you to achieve your business goals. Your achievements then become my achievements. Your success becomes my success. So, every time we set out together, we are creating a culture of continuous improvement. That’s a worthy pursuit, with tangible rewards for all of us.
Which industries do you prefer to serve?
Financial Services, Legal Services -we successfully navigate compliance restrictions by telling client’s story.
Mom&Pop shops, Healthcare/Dental Practices -established businesses looking for more exposure: Brand videos, Video Business Cards.
Non-profit’s with a Marketing budget: Supporting event coverage, membership/fund drives, Program development, Advocacy and Awareness.
International Education, Colleges & Universities
Construction/Landscaping/large Trade Companies: established Commercial or Residential.

What does your ideal client look like?
Any company having 50+ employees with a dedicated marketing budget who wants to incorporate video.
What does your ideal client need?
Any company:
whose employees need training.
who provides service or training to their clients.
that answers the same client/prospect questions repeatedly.
needs to generate new leads on an ongoing basis.

Who are your ideal clients?
C-Suite member/Owner who understands the value of marketing.
C-Suite/Owner who understands the power of video marketing or has an interest in video.
Marketing Director & Managers
Development or Communications Directors
Red flags – What are your ideal clients saying?
I don’t know what’s missing in our marketing.
I’m not sure if people know who we are.
I’m not sure if people understand what we do.
I wish folks could hear what our customers say about us.
Nobody knows what makes us special, what sets us apart.
I wish people could see our product/service in action.
Our training/customer service programs cost so much.
I waste so much time answering the same questions.
I spend all my time educating prospects/employees.
We keep repeating the same process.