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Cathleen broderick
Cathleen Broderick Photography
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Cathleen Broderick Photography is a Professional Photographer in Marion. We have been in business for over 15 years photographing families, children, high school seniors, business professionals and pets; in studio or on location at our clients homes, the park or the beach.
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Marion, MA
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Marion, MA
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Cathy is a Master/Craftsman Photographer and Certified Professional Photographer. We specialize in photographing families, high school seniors, pets and business professionals. Services offered in studio or on location. We specialize in the camera shy!
Professional Photographers of America
Professional Photographers of MA (Past President)
What does your ideal client need?
Our ideal family client needs someone to guide them through the portrait process with clothing consultation and help choosing high quality products that suit their taste and home. They need someone to stop time as it seems their children are getting bigger everyday and time is passing too quickly! They need a professional who knows how to pose and light them to look their best to capture their images and deliver their products from start to finish, to accommodate their busy lives.
Our ideal business client needs images for marketing and branding, for website and print usage. They understand THEIR clients need to see the face behind the business before choosing to work with them, and want a professional to pose and light them to look their best.
Who are your ideal clients?
Our ideal family/portrait client loves to decorate their home with high quality images of people they love. They see the value in capturing milestones and moments of the ones they love. They appreciate great service and have a budget for wall art and albums, and do not prefer the do it yourself approach.
Our ideal business client is anyone who is looking to update their online image. Our ideal client sees the value in presenting a more polished image than a selfie or snapshot to present themselves professionally. They may need publicity portraits for themselves or a whole team. We travel.
Red flags – What are your ideal clients saying?
Family client:
" We've never had a family portrait and the kids are getting so big"
"I never look good in pictures, I'd love someone to create beautiful portrait of me"
"I'd love to do a session but it seems too complicated"
"The last photographer we used just gave us a disc and we didn't know what to do with it, and the photos looked so unfinished and lacked quality"
"I'd love a beautiful portrait of my dog"

"Our website looks very unfinished and unpolished, everyone's photo looks different and not very professional" "We need photos but want someone who can come to us and do them all in the same day"