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Jacquline Collins
Business Coach, Facilitator, & Consultant
Partnering for Performance
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Business Coach
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Partnering for Performance works with owners of small/meduim size businesses, independent professionals, and c-level executives to provide clarity around issues concerning leadership development, communication, business planning and growth through executive coaching, management consulting, and mentoring. We have also done work with many of the top universities, including Yale, Harvard, Tufts, and Boston College. PFP sells results, not services; this is a business based on relationships, not revenues.
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Philadelphia, PA
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Jacquie has 20 years experience in the field of coaching and consulting and has a degree in Psychology and Organizational Development. Prior to starting Partnering for Performance she worked in Financial Services and achieved a senior position. In addition, Jacquie has owned and operated a retail store and a cleaning service, both of which she sold in order to focus on PFP. For a complete bio, please go to
South Shore Chamber of Commerce - past Board Chair
South Shore Economic Development Corporation - trustee and Executive Committee Member
Association for Quality and Participation
American Management Association
South Shore Synergy

Which industries do you prefer to serve?
I have no preference, having worked in both non-profit and for profit companies.
What does your ideal client look like?
Someone who recognizes that the whole point in hiring a coach and/or a consultant, is to bring in someone who fills in gaps in their own knowledge and skill set, and values an objective outside perspective.
What does your ideal client need?
Greater self-awareness, improved relationships, greater job satisfaction, healthier teamwork, less stress, better communication. Measurable benefits include higher employee retention and engagement as well as greater efficiency.
Who are your ideal clients?
Ideal Clients recognize that Coaches may play the role of a therapist but they are not therapists. Their role is to move their clients forward; the best time to engage a coach is when you are ready to take action and want to be held accountable. These clients also know that a good coach stands by their positions meaning that "coaches must be willing to fall on their own swords" - to relinquish the client rather than acquiesce to advice that doesn't serve them.
Red flags – What are your ideal clients saying?
Jacquie held me accountable every step of the way; I can take a vacation for the first time in years; my communication has become more assertive, with no fear; employees feel engaged and are committed to the business.