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Heather Ahern
Professional Organizer
The FUNctional Home
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Professional Organizer
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The FUNctional Home is a professional organizing service, devoted to helping people clear clutter and discover the space to do what they love. Heather Ahern has been providing support and guidance to her clients on projects of all sizes for over fifteen years. All services are confidential, supportive and non-judgmental.
About / Bio
As a professional organizer, I am here to help you manage the challenges we all face every day by creating peace in your home, your work-space and your life. Helping people to make positive changes in their lives brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction. Working side by side with my clients, we develop solutions to meet their organizing needs, and provide them with a practical approach for maintaining order.
I am proud to have been a member of The National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals™ (NAPO®) since 2004, attaining their prestigious Golden Circle™ in recognition of members who have attained an elevated level of experience. And continue to benefit from the education, resources and my incredible network of colleagues.
I have been an active member in the NAPO New England Chapter since I joined in 2010.
Which industries do you prefer to serve?
Residential and small business spaces.
What does your ideal client look like?
I work with busy individuals and over-scheduled families who have difficulty managing household clutter and struggle to find time for organizing.
What does your ideal client need?
My clients need guidance, ideas, patience and a set time to tackle projects that they are often too overwhelmed to tackle on their own.
Who are your ideal clients?
Anyone who needs help organizing their paperwork, kitchen, closets, bedroom, office, garage or whole home.
Anyone moving, downsizing or blending families.
Anyone struggling after the loss of a loved one, through a divorce or other transition in life - leaving them feeling overwhelmed.
Red flags – What are your ideal clients saying?
I'm overwhelmed.
I need more space!
I lose things all the time.
I want to park my car IN the garage.
I need a quiet place to retreat from the world.
I don’t want to invite people into my home or office.