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Creating Value by answering this question:  How would you describe your ideal client?

One of the primary goals of creating any marketing content is to create value.  If you’re writing an article, a newsletter, a social media post, or even creating a video, your message has to have value to your target audience, otherwise your efforts will be wasted.

As I’m writing this I’m aware that I have two target audiences to satisfy.  I have the internal audience which is the current membership of South Shore Synergy.  And there’s the external audience which is more likely, you, a professional or business owner who want’s to learn more about our networking group.  Turns out, I stumbled upon just the thing for all involved.

A couple months ago a professional networking colleague, Steve Dubin owner of PR Works, gave me a useful exercise.  He asked me to describe my ideal client.  This was a written exercise and Steve even supplied a template where he described his ideal client.  That was valuable.  Steve was providing me with a clearer picture of what his prospects look like and he even offered a number of “red flags” or phrases to listen for that would prompt me to recommend his services.  Conversely, once I described my ideal client and their red flags, he’d be able to thoughtfully recommend my services to someone he’d encountered who was expressing a particular pain or a need that I could ably address.   What’s more, Steve’s whole networking group is now sharing their respective Ideal Client descriptions via GoogleDoc’s.  Great stuff, right!

Flash forward to January 2017.  As our marketing committee here at South Shore Synergy began brainstorming about how to reinvigorate our website, it became clear that adapting the Ideal Client GoogleDoc and integrating it into our Member Profiles would be an excellent step in the right direction.  Big thanks to Matt Ulvila of 3Thought Inc for making this happen!  

So, how does this benefit you?  Not only would describing our ideal clients be more useful and accessible to our members, but it would also demonstrate the kind of value you would enjoy as a member.  I think you’d agree, seeing folks get things done is attractive.  That’s why we’re always looking for an opportunity to achieve our goals:  Developing professional relationships, sharing business ideas, collectively overcoming business challenges, and providing value.

Whether or not you decide you’re a good fit for South Shore Synergy, I hope you’ll feel we’ve provided you with value.  Heck, how often do you come away from an article with a new action item!

Who knows, maybe you’ll be sharing your new Ideal Client description with your professional networking colleagues this week.

Watch our Videos.  Check out the Ideal Client area within our Member Profiles.  Want to build more professional relationships?  See Who We’re Looking For.  Contact Us to visit a meeting, or Apply today!


-Darrin Fitzgerald, owner & executive producer, ARTIE MEDIA LLC.