A Brief History

Formed in 2008 by Jan Fine with the goal of bringing together local businesses. Our networking group was originally called Boston MetroNet. The purpose of the group was was to serve as an alternative to the typical Business Networking group. Jan built a group that emphasized learning about fellow members and their needs and goals. Boston MetroNet consisted mainly of business owners from the south shore and Boston's metro west and by year's end had successfully brought together a solid network consisting of members like Ted Ciolkosz (financial planner), Ken Goldberg (lawyer), Jack Shea (banker) and Chris Jordan (insurance) who are still with the group today.

In 2011 Jan retired and passed the reigns to Ted Ciolkosz. Along with the change in leadership came a change in name and the group was rebranded as IPSMA (short for Integrated Professional Services of Massachusetts). For the next two years the group was deliberatly kept small and exclusive. When asked why, Ted said, "We wanted it to be a good fit both personality wise, but also professionally. We wanted to make sure the people we were referring were people we trusted".

"We were trying to be different than other Business Networking groups, because we don't want to have forced referrals - Ted C."

In 2013 the group actively began expanding membership and nearly doubled in size. Along with the expansion came another new name and is currently known as South Shore Synergy or S3. At it's core, S3 still believes in it's founding principals and continues bring together professionals focussed on collaborative networking and unselfish long-term relationships.

NOT a typical Business Networking group

We believe in quality over quantity. Meaningful relationships over quick and dirty referrals. Networking done well is strategic and sophisticated and requires complementary partnerships.

Time to Build Meaningful Relationships

Are you busy? Everyone is busy. But prioritizing your networking activities is absolutely necessary. That’s why we provide a framework for networking that respects your time and makes good use of it. You’ll meet with the group as a whole once a month, enjoy a presentation from a guest or member, followed by a Q&A session. You’ll also meet individually for one on ones, or in smaller groups. These less formal meetings allow for a more personal connections and over time, a rock-solid network.

Becoming a Member

Membership in South Shore Synergy is by invitation only. But we can only invite you if we get to know you. We are always looking for new members with complimentary and diverse industry experience. No one person or industry is irrelevant. We’re open to different professions so long as that particular category is not already represented by a current S3 member.

Think S3 might be the right fit for you?

Complete our membership application below, and let’s start to get to know each other.